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I am Tagged + Award nomination

Hallo Gals..this is my first ever award nomination by Shylu of prettyprincesspage

Thanks so much Sweety..

Right on to Getting to Know ME:
  • I am a makeupaholic+shopaholic but a budget friendly one.
  • I love making to-do-lists (though I hardly follow the chores in that order)
  • I secretly cry in all emotional movies.
  • I love dabbing my favourite Itars on my pulse points.
  • I am a foodie and a reasonably good cook :)
  • I absolutely love chatting (read talking)
  • I am obsessed with Orange these days (the colour not the fruit :P)
  • My biggest wish at the moment is to loose weight :(
  • I love hoarding nail paints and lipsticks.
  • I am a sucker for coral lipsticks :)
Now that most us have been tagged,I leave the wish upto you..if you like it,consider yourself tagged :)


  1. u secretly cry in all emotional movies and i openly cry while watching emotional movies! and i hate myself for it, and dats d reason i am no more into watching senti stuff!!
    Foodie!! same pinch
    Loose weight! same pinch (dont know since how many years)
    itars n perfumes on pulse points: same pinch again :p

    1. Me too no more onto senti stuff;)
      All in all 4same pinches:)
      Ooooh so many pinches hurt ;)

  2. Same pinch at so many points :D Awesome! :D
    Namita <3

    1. Namita,dahling I'm badly bruised post so many same pinches from u ;)


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