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I Sketched My Son

Hey All..How is the summer heat treating you? Well the MET department says Monsoons aren't that far..so holding on to that note and keeping my fingers crossed,lemme show u my son's sketch that I did a while ago:

That's my son when he was 5months old..and lemme admit it did not come out exactly the way he looks ;)
This was my second sketch..when I had no clue that there is a thing called carbon pencil on this planet!
I am planning to start sketching (I've taken a long break from it:( but i'll get back to it now) And all this posting my sketches is my way of self-motivation :)

P.S. He has a much broader nose than this ;P


This was my first sketch ever...an amateur one but I guess the first is always special ;)

If you guys like this I'll post some more loves of mine :)


I would love to listen from you and will surely reply you back :)

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