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VLCC Rejuvenating Arabica Coffee Peel-Off Mask makes you party ready in just 20min!!

Right now the market is beaming with products for skincare enthusiasts. Whether one has a simple skin care routine or a more elaborate one there is something for everyone. There are multiple choices for people who have multi step skin care routine that too an am and pm one. 
Keeping in mind our choices regarding face scrubs, masks, moisturizers and creams VLCC has so much to offer. The brand itself needs no introduction and the huge range of product it offers to its customers is overwhelming for sure. Today we will be talking about the VLCC Rejuvenating Arabica Coffee Peel-Off Mask.

Brand Claims:
VLCC Rejuvenating Coffee Peel Off Mask enhances skin glow with a soothing effect. Enriched with Coffee Arabica Powder, Caffeine & Aloe Vera Extract, this Peel off Mask is rich in Antioxidants that have a calming & anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It peels away dead skin cells and dirt from within the pores, provides reduced pore appearance and improves skin tone.

Size: 90g 

Key features:
Enhances skin glow with a soothing effect
Enriched with Coffee Arabica Powder, Caffeine & Aloe Vera Extract
Rich in Antioxidants that has a calming & anti-inflammatory effect on the skin
Peels away dead skin cells and dirt from within the pores, provides reduced pore appearance and improves skin tone
Suitable for all skin types
Paraben-free certified

VLCC Rejuvenating Coffee Peel Off Mask comes in an aesthetically pleasing coffee coloured tube with an image of coffee beans on it. The tube is travel friendly and practical. The product's key features, the directions to use and the ingredients, everything is mentioned on the tube itself.

The peel off mask is thick in consistency like that of honey. It has minuscule granules of coffee powder in it but that does not make it gritty at all.

How to Use:
Wash face properly and pat dry with a soft towel. Apply peel off mask evenly over your face avoiding eyebrows, eyes and lips (do not apply a very thin layer). Let it dry for 20-25 minutes. peel off from the forehead in a downward direction towards chin and wash off. For better results, use at least twice a week.

My Experience:
I have had a very good experience with VLCC products since ages. The diamond facial kit is something I have always a sworn by before attending any special occasions. But this is the first time I am trying a peel off mask from VLCC and here's how my experience has been.
I really like its packaging. It's very easy to carry it along anywhere you go. It is spill proof and travel friendly. Now coming to the product, it is suitable for all skin types which is a very Win-Win situation also it is paraben free which is beneficial for the skin. It's consistency is not runny which ensures that you will not spill and smudge it everywhere and the application would be pretty mess free. I also noticed that it has a very strong and prominent smell which is similar to that of coffee and spirit. On application it gives a very cooling effect on the skin till the time you keep it on. It also gives a tingling sensation when you have it on your skin and that is quite normal. I would personally suggest to let it dry completely before you peel it off otherwise you will get patches of wet peel off mask which will be difficult to take off. Once you take it off you are left with a beautiful, bright skin. It takes off the gunk and grime of the skin and makes it look cleaner and brighter.
 In short, you're party ready in just 20 minutes !!



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