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Deyga Foot Care Kit to make your tired feet, happy feet : Review

Our feet go through a lot on a daily basis. Unfortunately we don't think much of taking care of our feet till summer arrives and we want to flaunt are pair of heels.
Foot care for me extends beyond appearances and a fresh coat of nail paint. It should be a part of our overall health and hygiene.
Deyga organics comes to our rescue to achieve a healthy and happy feet.
Let's take a look at their foot care products:
🟢It consists of Himalayan pink salt, lime and peppermint
🟢Relaxes the veins and improve the blood circulation
🟢Removes dry skin and makes the feet smooth
🟢Give the luxurious pedicure experience
🟢Has an amazingly refreshing peppermint fragrance
🟢Very affordable

🟢Exfoliates skin and removes dead cells
🟢Keeps the skin smooth and supple
🟢Refreshes and relaxes tired feet
🟢Contains almond butter, spirulina, granulated sugar, virgin coconut oil, vitamin e oil and mint essential oil
🟢Like is so much 💚
🟢It is made up of coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin e oil, beeswax and coconut oil
🟢Rich and buttery texture
🟢Very smooth to apply
🟢Gets absorbed and keeps the forth hydrated
🟢Has a yummy fragrance
🟢Heals cracked heels and makes them soft
🟢Love this product💚

The products of Deyga Organics are cruelty free, they have no added preservatives, are hand made and they are made in India as well.

I totally loved the experience of using them and look forward to trying other products from them. It's an honest review and I highly highly recommend it.



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