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Yami Organic Homemade Herbal Face Pack

Good skin is a priority! Since our skin plays such an important role in protecting our body, we should keep it as healthy as we can. Fresh and vibrant skin signifies that you take good care of your health internally and externally.
Aestheticians and beauticians world world believe that face masks don't just offer results that improve the overall appearance of the skin, they can also be quite therapeutic.This led me try out the very homemade Yami Herbal Face Pack.

It comes in powder form in a plastic bag housed in a huge tub.

The ingredient list of the product is pretty impressive comprising of almonds,pistachios,orange peel potato starch and the likes. All these ingredients are not new to us in terms of skin care.
I like the fact that unlike its other homemade counterparts, it needs to be applied only for 10 minutes. I have generally used herbal face packs that mentioned a wear-time of 15-20 minutes.
It says it is suitable for all skin-types but I would recommend preparing it in milk if you have dry skin whereas people who have oily skin can mix the powder in curd to form a paste.

Unlike the ready to apply face packs in the market, this one has to be prepared and that makes it a little less convenient and less travel friendly.
Like most natural organic products, it doesn't smell pleasant. Moreover, the smell doesn't go even after washing it off. I would suggest using a nice smelling moisturizer after this to not get perturbed.
Since I have dry skin, I mixed the powder with some milk to form a paste and applied it on my face and neck for 10 minutes (although I clicked the picture after just applying on my face only). Then I scrubbed it off and washed my face with lukewarm water. 
It made the face really clear and bright and scrubbing it off worked as exfoliation. The skin was soft and supple. I followed it up with a moisturizer (had to ward off the smell)!
If you follow me on instagram,I posted a picture of this face pack quite a while ago. But since skin care products take a lot of time to show up ( more so if they are organic/ayurvedic) the post is coming up now after few uses of it.
If you are ready to deal with the mess of making an all herbal paste for a clearer,brighter skin..dive in!


P.S. The product was sent to me but my review is honest.Read Disclaimer

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