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Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Burgundy Blush : Review, Swatch, Price and FOTD

Heeeyyyyyaaa lovelies..
Here's hoping everyone's doing well and with the chill in the air, the bolder makeup is seeing the broad day light out of the stash.
Seriously speaking, deep dark shades and not worrying about the melting foundation are the only reasons why I love winters. Otherwise, I'm not a big fan of layering up. Even the smallest task seems huge when it's cold outside. Winter would be the favourite season of the homo sapiens who have the luxury of cuddling in a bed with their favourite book and coffee by their side. For a mom of two.. it's simply not!!! So what ends up being most pleasurable is not feeling overboard at the thought of deep rich colours.
Speaking of choice of colours, I have my own pantone colour of the year every season that might remotely have nothing to do with its official counterpart. 

This year it's ox blood...slash..deepest wine... slash...dark burgundy...slash...deep maroon with a black undertone. I was getting intrigued by so many brands for this particular shade from lime crime to ABH to much pocket friendly nyx..but since I knew I wouldn't wear this every now and then I didn't wanna spend so much on it. So after searching high and low I landed to our good old Maybelline. 
( If you are looking for a gorgeous purple lipstick from the drugstore..a la Mac Heroine..Click Here)
The lipstick in question is Maybelline Creamy Matte in the shade Burgundy Blush.

Price: INR 575 /-


I have nothing great to reveal in the packaging department because:
A) Maybelline Creamy Lipsticks aren't new in the market and there is a possibility you already own one of its variant.
B) Maybelline hasn't explored any new territory in the packaging department.
Comes in the regular Maybelline colour sensational tube with a cool brown matte translucent cap.
The sticker having the shade name is colour coded.


 THE reason why I bought this lipstick is its ultra gorgeous dark chocolate with a hint of deep burgundy (ox-blood) shade. This is EXACTLY what I was hunting for. Burgundy Blush is a pretty close dupe of Lime Crime Wicked and Anastasia Beverly Hills Heathers. I can even trace its similarity with Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania which is a cult favourite fall lippy. It is clearly the deepest shade in my stash and I can see myself wearing it hell lot this winter. 
Oh yes!! It makes teeth appear much whiter!

If I had two hearts I would give one to this shade and another to its texture. It is very smooth to apply and it right away settles to a matte finish. The formula is very comfortable and non-drying. Its very light weight and feels like nothing on the lips. 
Absolutely non-sticky...Absolute love!

BOMB!! Need I say more.. One swipe is all you need baby!! 

Staying Power:
If you follow me on instagram, I posted a pic of me wearing this  and it looked pretty presentable even after 9 longs hours. It doesn't stain but it doesn't move either.

How it looks on me..!

If you ever wished to have a deeeeeep lipstick for fall..BUY THIS asap!!

Rating: 5/5


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