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Sleek Lip VIP Lipstick in SHOW OFF: Review, Price, Swatch and FOTD

Up with another lipstick and this time its the Sleek Lip VIP lipstick in the shade Show Off. Sleek is a well known UK brand that makes awesome products at affordable prices. Their eyeshadows and blushes are to die for. So if you like the lipstick shade in the picture above and want to know more about it..Read On!!!

Price/ Quantity: £5.49/3.6gm

Sleek Lip VIP range of lipsticks come in a matte black square packaging with shiny Sleek written on it. The bottom end displays the colour..simple and practical. I find this and Faces Canada Moisture Rich lipsticks pretty identical in packaging. The sticker on the cap has the ingredient details.


Before you read on, let me clear that the shade in the hand swatch is exactly what it looks like on me and somehow it looks a little faded in my pictures.
Show off is a a cool-toned deep brown with mauve/plum undertones (I know too many slashes,it's a difficult shade to explain). It's a beeeeaauuuuttiiifuul shade.Very classy..goes on a wide spectrum of skintones (probably on everyone)..and can be worn over any colour you're wearing.
And NO,it does not make you look older!!  
These days when I'm puzzled about which lip colour to wear, I gladly apply this on :)

 Sleek Lip VIP lipstick in the shade  glides onto the lips like a dream given their creamy formula. It soon settles to a semi-matte finish though with a sheen.Since I'm so over the drying mattes phase,I find this a refreshing change.
It is hydrating owing to the presence of ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.
Since it is creamy it's not surprising that it transfers to cups and spoons but that doesn't much affect its colour pay off.
I assume it might not able to survive the Indian heat thus refrigeration would be a good option.

 Show Off is well pigmented and takes care of any pigmentation that you have on your lips in one or two swipes.

My Take:

If you have read my earlier post on  my favourite purple lipstick you would know that I am already in the fall mood regarding the lip colours. Show Off only helps me stay in that deep shade mood a little longer. I love the mix of chocolate, plum and a hint of lavender in this shade and as much as the description sounds edible,the smell reconfirms it. It is densely pigmented and stays put for 4-5 hours depending what you eat.
 It smells of coconut and vanilla which to be honest is a bit over whelming initially to my sensitive nose but gradually fades away. I'm enjoying hydrated lips lately.



  1. So beautiful shade! The shade suits you well. Nice review <3

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