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Let The Kids Have Fun in Water This Summer!! Kids Time Bubble Bath Review!

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Its summer friends...
and summer bring vacation along with them..
Oh No No!! I don't mean vacation to exotic location with us ladies going bonkers over shopping!!
I'm pointing towards the summer holidays that kids spend athome!
My son is seven and daughter isn't even a pre-schooler and my house looks like tsunami-hit these days :P
Out of all the activities through which I try to keep them occupied,the one they love is their bathing time...because it is a prolonnnnnnged one these days!!
The soaps and shower gels have given their way to the Kids Time Bubble Bath in the Mango Tango variant. Its manufactured in US and you can spot these in dollar stores across the country.They come in different variants and this one smells yummy (mango variants are so summer suited)
This is super cheap,you get 828ml for just 250/-
It is paraben-free (though it does have sodium laureth sulphate,but all that bubbling is pretty unimaginable without the SLS content)
It smells amazing and can be used as a top-to-toe wash (yup hair too) and yup it bubbles well!!
Secret Tip: I used it to wash my makeup brushes and they turn out to be squeaky clean and super soft :) :) :)

That's All folks!!
Happy Summer Vacations :D



  1. Aww bubbles! I love them even today ;D;D

    1. Exactly dear..they remind us of our childhood :)

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