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Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Marble: Review and Swatch

A never ending saga indeed. You get a shade lighter or get a shade darker  or at times the shade matches you well but the undertones don't..
But somehow I've never had a hard luck with foundations.Even the one that was gifted to me ended up being my HG Foundi. You can see the review here:
Coming to the Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation. This is my first Lakme foundation though I wonder WHY???
Company Claims:
Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation blends easily into your skin to create a soft glowing and feather like finish.
A water resistant, oil free formula with Vitamin E that provides superior coverage
It contains Vitamin E that soothes and moisturizes the skin.
The silicones help in easy application, spreading evenly for an even toned look.

Price Vs. Quantity: INR 105/ 27ml

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation comes in rectangular flat glass bottle with a screw cap..no pump dispenser..no nozzle. Absolutely nothing to control the amount of the product :/
Lakme should work on the packaging!

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation comes in four shades:
  • Pearl
  • Marble (the one I have)
  • Shell
  • Coral
While Pearl is for Very Fair skinned with pink undertones,Marble has very strong yellow undertones and caters to Fair to Wheatish skin tones. Shell is for duskier beauties (though it didn't look like it would suit duskies) and the store didn't have Coral so I can't really say about it (SA said its least in demand).

My Take:

Though I must be the last one in the country to try the Lakme Foundations so late,I'm happy I did. I have all the good things to say about this little glass bottle (except it being the glass bottle :/ )
I wonder how I didn't give it try yet. Its medium coverage,light weight,oil free and gives apretty matte finish. Lets jump to the pros and cons.

My Likes:
1. The Shade (Natural Marble) matches me well :D
2. Decent coverage for everyday use (read medium).
3. Light on skin.
4. Pretty Oil-free (and I'm saying this in super humid July).
5. Doesn't make me sweat.
6. Did not break me out.
7. Fairly matte finish (better than maybelline bb stick)
8. Blends easily.
9. Easily available.
10. Cheapest branded foundi..I guess!
11. Non-bothersome smell.
12. Neither runny nor too thick.

My Dislikes:
1. All the Indian girls have to adjust with just 4 shades.
2.Boring,impractical packging..Lakme?Atleast a nozzle if not pump dispenser?
3. Glass bottle..breakable..not travel friendly!

Last Word:
Lakme improve the packaging and I'll give you 5/5 :D


Overall Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Nice review Aditi.:) I have this too and it's the cheapest foundation in my vanity still I always reach for it as it's water based and doesn't look cakey at all.
    I love it! :)

    1. I went thru ur review before buying it Nish ;)
      Loving it too..thanx :D

  2. no ur not the last person on planet earth to have tried this foundation...Lol..... i havent yet tried this bt going by ur review i shall give it a try... :)Nice review

    1. If u can actually find a shade that matches u..I wud say give it a try Natasha :)
      and thanx :D

  3. It is my first Foundation I can't forget this easily :)
    I am in shell shade Nice Review dear :D

    1. Thanx Radha..I also thought shell suited me better but they don't have testers for this range and I went by what the SA said..and for once it worked :)

  4. Yes this is the first base I used...still, I have it ...nice review.

  5. I won;t say it's the best one around, but for the price, it's a steal. Plus Shell is so warm. It matches me very well.
    Reminds me, I need to review mine as well :P

    1. I totally agree with you Nivedita..its a steal for sure if u get a shade matching closely to you..Looking. forward to ur review :)

  6. You are so not the last person on earth.. that would be be. Could you please tell me if this will work for oily skin? Also should i go for this or the invisible foundation? Which would be better?

    1. Swati I have a dry skin but it definitely becomes combination in hot n humid months and this foundation stays put and doesn't make me sweat..So I guess its try worthy!!
      I have heard good reviews about the Invisble foundation but haven't given a try yet :/

  7. Will surely try it. Thank you :)

  8. Thank you for the review, Aditi.

  9. It is a pretty good foundation available in this price range.Though I use Maybelline Dream mousse but still I keep this lake one to use it at times for casual outings.texture and coverage wise it is better than Maybelline BB cream only drawback is it does not HV sunscreen in it.if applied on top of good sunscreen it is really good one.

    1. I ditto that..though I haven't tried Maybelline mousse but I agree to what u said Debomita..
      I can't expect much from this one considering its price :)

  10. i love this shade!

    1. Its comes of a bit too pale on me..I guesss I shud mix it with shell!
      Good it works well for you :)

  11. Hi,

    I work in the personal care industry specifically makeup. Would love to have a quick chat with you on this foundation. Kindly let me know if that's possible.

  12. i have used natural marble..blends on the skin well...will not giv a heavy wall care putty lookk...;)...hahhaa....but will maintain our look...lovd ths product for its cost...quality n everythng...i hate e heavy makeup...so thumps up for the one who wants to look simple and beautiful...rating 5/5...n yes .ik wht u hav said..make the packagng a bit mor comfortablee...

  13. I bought it today...hope it ll give me a good finish makeup party look....

  14. I bought it today..hope it will give me a finish party makeup look.

  15. I have dark skin tone and dry skin, will shell shade suits me? Or should i try other shades?

  16. Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article. marble fountain

  17. I love love this foundation! It suits me perfectly. I used to have a lot of acne but once I started saying my favorite prayer for acne and applied this liquid foundation, my skin is glowing and looking so healthy!


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