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Goodies from Singapore :)

Its a thing with ladies..if someone asks us to get them something,we'll do serious research about it,will be constantly connected to the person about his/her choice,what exactly he/she is looking for. Infact,when I go to my native place I even have to carry pictures of Chikan kari dress material on mobile/tablet/from magazines/hard copies of endless Google searches from my friends... All for the sake of perfect purchase and to listen those wonderful words "Awwww.... I wanted just this !!!"
But Men...Oh Boy!
Dear Husband is back from Singapore and has brought all the things except what I asked for :P
Me still happy..a classic example of how undemanding a wife can be ;)
here are the pics..Enjoy!!!
From tops to t shirts,stoles,souvenirs,key chains and fridge magnets (yes I love them :)...
but no makeup :(
 I loved these solid perfumes. Beautifully packaged and the smell really lasts long..Shall review sometime !!

The fridge magnet cum bottle opener..it actually has the liquor inside..but I have no idea as to how it will come out ;) 
 China silk stoles in reds and the blue souvenir
I love this coral top with detailings on the neckline..blue one is a cute hello kitty tshirt,while the white one has mickey and minnie mouse on it..don't like much :/
Bracelets and the huge statement ring..now that's what a woman likes :)
The other few stuff was worn by me the other day and has found its fate in the laundry basket :P

P.S. Now that I'm so habitual of writing product reviews,I feel like writing  REPURCHASE and OVERALL RATING :P


I would love to listen from you and will surely reply you back :)

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