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Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipstick in Carnation 640: Review and Swatches

I have had a liking for Lotus Herbals products lately..infact my first sunblock when I was in 12th standard was from Lotus Herbals only. Still I had only been a loyal customer to their skin care range only,this is my first lipstick from Lotus Herbals.
Company Claims:
PURE COLOR™ is a 100% vegetarian range of moisturizing lip colours available in 22 rich, sophisticated shades including peaches, pinks and nutty browns.

Enriched with the botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Jojoba.
Price/Quantity: INR 245/ 4.2gm
Lotus Herbals Pure Colours Lipsticks come in dull gold packaging with a golden ring in the middle. The cap click locks thus making it sturdy and travel friendly. The shape is somewhat squarish which prevents it from rolling around in your stash. The shade name and number is on the sticker at the bottom of the tube.

Shade: Carnation 640
Well..Carnation the flower comes in very many hues..I picked up the one which is closest to the lipstick shade!It actually is a difficult shade to be described in words. Its a dull-carrot- pink with yellow undertones. Its more peachy in the day and pinky during nights..pheww!
A Pretty-Pretty shade for sure!

This is my first Lotus Herbals Pure Colour Lipstick,so the texture I'm talking about is just of Carnation because I'm not sure if all the other shades have similar texture or not. Carnation is a very moisturising lipstick,almost like Maybelline Moisture Extreme ones but the good thing is that despite being so creamy they are surviving the Indian summer without melting away like their Maybelline counterparts. Carnation has no shine or shimmer and after half an hour of application it settled to a creamy matte finish.

My Take:

Lotus Herbals Pure Colour Lipstick in Carnation though being my first lippy from the brand and range is definitely not the last.They have beautiful shades to offer and even Carnation is a shade that I reach out often for in the summers. This peachy-pinky-carroty shade brightens up the face. The formula is moisturising..no need for a lip balm underneath. Now we all know that creamy lippies are not the long lasting ones still Carnation being such a light shade stays on me for 3hrs with light meals and leaves behind a tint. (I love the fact that my lips don't look oh-so-naked ones the lippie is gone)

My Likes:
1. Beautiful summery shade.
2. Very Affordable.
3. Sturdy/Travel friendly packaging.
4. Moisturising.
5. Okay staying power considering its creamy.
6. Despite being creamy doesn't melt away in summers.
7. No bothersome fragrance.
8. Opaque in a single swipe.

My Dislikes:
Not really a con..but the shade looks different in different lights and on different people..so try it on your lips before buying it.

Last Word:
Beautiful shade..nice formula!

Yes..though it won't finish anytime soon!
Some other shades for sure!

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


  1. very classy and beautiful LOTD. I like the lipstick but i loved the LOTD more.. :)

    1. Awww..thank u so much Rajalakshmi!
      Have u ever tried Lotus Herbals Lippies?

  2. I too have this shade and like you, I love it too. :)

    1. I guess most of us have it..its kinda must-have :)

  3. I love carnation :) It's my favorite currently!
    Loved your lip swatches Aditi. they are beautiful!!

    1. Love it too Niesha :) and thanks a ton!
      Can u suggest any other good shade from this range..coz I kinda liked it :)
      drop the link in the comment if u have one :)

  4. What a beautiful shade


  5. Such a pretty shade !! Nice review

  6. wow :) m still staring at the LOTD :) drool worthy :) and this shade is always OOS both online and at stores :( :( I am still hunting for it :)

  7. Awww thank u so much dear..made my day :)
    I know its a very popular shade from the range..I hope u get it soon :)

  8. lovely shade awesome lip swatch

  9. Nice shade. Looking very good on you :)

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  10. Oooh my! Gorgeous shade! Absolutely gorgeous! Need to check this one out!

    1. Run and buy..u'll not be disappointed Swati :)

  11. omg.... this is so gorgeous!! I might get this one :D

    1. Get it Sangy..its still one of my favourites!

  12. The Lotus Herbals Pure Colour Lipstick in Carnation (640) is a delightful addition to my makeup collection. Its peachy-pink hue adds a lovely touch to any look. The creamy texture is moisturizing without being heavy, making it perfect for summer. Despite its creaminess, it holds up well even in the heat. The staying power is decent, leaving a flattering tint. The lipstick is opaque in a single swipe and comes at an affordable price. The sturdy packaging is travel-friendly. Overall, a great purchase!


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