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Bourjois Paris Kabuki Brush: Review

Hey all,
I didn't want to begin this post on a gloomy note but with deep grief I want to tell you gals that I have LOST all the comments of all my posts :(
I'm sure you understand what a comment means to blogger :'(
I tried to fix it,only with little success :(
Anyways..putting aside the dark clouds..let the sunshine peep through :)
Makeup brushes are to a makeup lover what chopsticks are to noodles (though I'm more of a fork person) .. crappy comparison :P I know :D
The product in discussion is the BOURJOIS Paris Kabuki Brush
Product Description:
Bourjois’ make-up brushes are ultra-soft and high quality – enabling easy application and a professional result every time.  Perfect for use at home or on the move.  The short handle means its small enough to fit in your handbag, but with the long soft bristle head, it is perfect for use with bronzers, powders and blushers.

Price: INR 430/-

BOURJOIS Paris Kabuki Brush comes in a flip-over plastic cover,which keeps the bristles dust free and together. I've lost mine though :(
The bristles are thickly packed and the steel finish bottom has the brand name on it.. classy!
My Take:
This was the result of watching youtube makeup tutorials and it is officially my first makeup brush. Since it was the most affordable Kabuki around,I didn't give a second thought. Its small size and the perfect width make it easy to hold and apply. It picks up the right amount of product. The copper-brown coloured bristles easily camouflage the product so it doesn't look dirty in the first use itself. The bristles are soft and thickly packed. They feel good on skin! Its amazing for applying powder,blush and bronzers. Though I personally like applying bronzers with angled brushes. Its perfect for buffing bronzer and blush to make them appear seamless. Infact as a part of experiment I even applied my Boots No 7 liquid foundation with this BOURJOIS Paris Kabuki Brush and the result was an amazing air-brushed effect.
If you are concerned about how the brush fairs on the *shedding post washing* front...relax!!! It faired wonderfully well. It did not shed hair and after drying was back to its smooth thick texture :)
My Likes:
1. Bristles feel soft and smooth on skin.
2. Densely packed bristles.
3. Easy to hold and use.
4. Picks up the right amount of product.
5. Travel friendly (though I'm planning to buy a small pouch/case for it)
6. Doesn't look dirty in the first use itself.
7. Doesn't shed when washed.
8. Affordable.
9. Looks good :)
My Dislikes: 
Online availability is an issue and I would have preferred if it came with a case..still not a con for it does what it is meant to do!

Last Word:
Its a great Kabuki brush.Its multipurpose and can be used for powder,blush and bronzer (even foundi) and gives a seamless application of all the above mentioned vanity products.

This won't finish off for sure :P
Might get again to gift someone :)

Overall Rating: 5/5


  1. 5/5... i am reading all great reviews abt this kabuki.. i am so getting it..

    1. Oh yes dear 5/5.. run and get it..its out of stock at popular shopping sites :(

  2. Amazing Review!!
    Following through GFC. Will be happy to see you back on mine. (:
    Blog Post http://modonika.blogspot.in/2013/03/diy-summer-buns-hairstyles.html

    1. Hi..thanx Monika..sadly i cudn't find u in my followers anyways vl surely check ur blog :)

  3. am nt able to find this in any of the online stores..:(

    1. I told this to Rajalakshmi as well :/
      Sharmistha,I guess I shud add this in the Dislikes section !!!

  4. Wow lovely review and after reading your review i want it so badly but can't find it in any of the online stores :(

    1. It is a very good kabuki indeed Sam..I'm finally gonna edit the non-availability issue in dislikes :P

  5. Great review Aditi.. I love kabukis a lot these days.
    I have seen this at medplusbeauty.com. hopefully it is till available. :)
    Dont worry about the comments dear i know hoe it feels as i had such an experience with Intense debate.

    1. Oh Niesha its out of stock even at meplus :(
      I've been betrayed by both Intense debate and Disqus :'(
      Thanx anyways..I loved ur 120 pallette :)

  6. I hv been trying to lay my hands on this.. but sadly, i always find this out of stock !! I understand how it must hv felt loosing comments.. don't worry.. will spam you from now on ;)

    1. Hehehhe..after seeing u guys sympathizing with the loss of comments..I'm kinda recovering from it!
      Yeah..I know Sukanya..its out of stock :/

  7. Wow this looks so good....Me too want it :)

  8. i just love this one :) just reviewed it last week:)
    u hav taken great pics:)

    1. Really? I'm gonna check ur review asap!
      Awww thanks i'm learning to hold the camera :)

  9. You are sucha life saver now im gonna buy it!


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