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Pucelle Mist Cologne-Tropical Spirit : Review

Who doesn't like to smell good? Well! In the fragrance department,I'm a little old school because I love love love using itars which are oil based rather than alchohol and thus stay on like forever. But that doesn't mean I shy away from other sources of smelling mmmmm ;)
A few days ago I came across this Pucelle Mist Cologne while surfing online shopping sites. Googled up to check the reviews and found this one,and decided to give it a try! Read on to know if it was a hit or miss!

About Pucelle Mist Cologne:
The brand name Gatsby has come a long way and Pucelle Mist Cologne-Tropical Spirit is a great offering from the company. It is simply amazing, fresh and long lasting. The Pucelle Mist Cologne-Tropical Spirit is a delightful product from Gatsby, with a mystic tropical spirit. It keeps you fresh throughout the day with its lovely, subtle and refreshing fragrance, keeping the body odour away. Pamper yourself with Gatsby Pucelle Mist Cologne after taking bath and start the day with its beautiful delicately fragranced touch.

Pucelle Mist Cologne comes in 6 variants:
1. Eccentric Breeze
2. Jolly Rhythm
3. Tropical Spirit (the one I have)
4. Electric Sunrise
5. Sparkling Love
6. Wavy Ocean

75ml/ Rs.65/-
150ml/ Rs.90/-

Fragrance Description:
The Pucelle Mist Cologne-Tropical Spirit is an excellent product which envelops the user with its fresh and floral fragrance. The overall effect of this fragrance is such that you instantly get reminded of tropical flowers which are fresh and full of wonderful fragrances.

How to Use:
Apply this cologne after taking a refreshing bath. Sprinkle it lightly on the body. Avoid bringing it in contact with eyes and sensitive parts of the body. Don’t sprinkle this cologne on the skin having cuts or with rashes.

Don’t keep this product near fire as the product is highly flammable. Keep this cologne out of reach of children.

Pucelle Mist Cologne-Tropical Spirit comes in a round plastic bottle with a spray nozzle covered with a green cap. Its a non-fussy,light weight,easy to use bottle and yes Unbreakable.The bottle looks cute and requires very little place in your handbag.The bottles of all the variants are coloured differently to suit their fragrance and names.

My Take:
As I just mentioned,I'm more of a Itar person,the first reason being they are natural. Secondly,they have a humongous variety from floral to fruity to musky to woody...to more than I can think off. Thirdly,they are oil-based..can be worn on body or fabric.Fourthly, you can get them custom-made to suit your liking and lastly and most importantly they just don't get off you till you take a bath or may be wash your clothes if you are wearing on them. I can do a full review on this if you guys are interested!
Jumping back to the product in discussion today,when I saw this on the website  I definitely did not have much expectation from this,I mean look at its price ;) Still I thought of getting it just in order to have something in my handbag that smells good and is unbreakable and maintenance-free. So far it fairs well in those fields!
Now comes the major part..THE SMELL! It smells wonderful. I have a weak hand in describing fragrances (if only it was as easy as describing a lipstick shades with nnnn number of colours and undertones). But still..the top notes remind me of jasmine,middle notes are quite lemony,citrusy (very tropical) and then the base note I find a little woody. I know this is the weirdest description of a fragrance that you have ever heard. For a layman (or laywoman) like me Pucelle Mist Cologne-Tropical Spirit is combo of floral and citrusy smell..very refreshing yet mild! Yes it won't make heads turn in the elevators ;)
Though its pocket-friendly and travel-friendly,it doesn't stay on me for very long,office goers might need another splash post lunch!

My Likes:
1. Lovely feminine and refreshing frangrance.
2. Very pocket-friendly.
3. Travel-friendly.
4. Cute no-nonsence packaging.
5. Has other variants as well.
6. The scent is pleasant to the nose and not overpowering.

My Dislikes:
Doesn't stay on me for more than 3hours..No other con!

Last Word:
Smells great,requires touch-ups,but I won't mind finishing off a bottle soon..its damn cheap guys!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Sure its my go-to fragrance in these monsoons!


  1. unable to find this anywhere...the tropical spirit is out of stock everywhere online....where can I buy??

  2. unable to find this anywhere ...even online the tropical mist id out of stock..where can i buy?

  3. I got it from a local store so can't really help lwith online suggestions


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