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My Happy Pocket Street Shopping:Handbag,Tote,Makeup Bag & Wallet

Hello, Lovelies..
I'm super happy because I get to share my fun new purchases with you! I love the feeling when I shop more for less money and the stuff I bought meets my expectation.But the shopping in question here was just not a planned one.Actually seeing the amount of time I spend with the laptop,my Dear Husband bought me a new computer and a not so lovely computer table.Seeing its a boring common computer table ,I decided to perk it up a little with a decent table cover. This lead me to a Weekly Saturdary Market near my place and interestingly I got a whole lot of other stuff except..the table cover ;)
This is not the entirety of what I bought at the roadside Bazaar,but only the bags that I laid my hands on :)
However, just to show you that I wasn't TOO horrible with my money, I'd like to break down my haul piece by piece! Rest assured..you'll be amused to know their prices :)
All in all,I bought 4bags: A tote bag,a travel makeup bag,a handbag and a money wallet.
Lets jump on their individual pics and descriptions :)


I always wanted a red TOTE BAG where I can dump everything I want without worrying about its capacity to hold my Oh So Imp. stuff..which I am sure seems ultimate futile,rotten and space eating stuff to my DH..hehehe. Believe me when I say the shopkeepers their had hundred different patterns.I neither had the time nor the courage to go through all of those being pushed away by an equally curious but much more loud crowd..I liked this and grabbed it..I was very firmly told it was for 180 bucks and I even more firmly bargained and got it for Rs.100/-

This bag I got from a shop which sold bags,cases,baby bags,handmade baby wardrobes,jewellery cases vanity cases made of cloth and lotsa other stuff.I liked this one instantly (the mustard and choco brown combination was giving me very LV kinda feel;) It has 7pockets,can be used as a makeup bag when travelling or just a casual handbag while going out..and yes I like geometrical patterns.
Price? Any guesses? I got this for Rs.160/- NO Bargain No Discount!

Honestly I picked this one up to gift someone,but now I realize I don't possess an off-white hand bag.No no no..I'll gift it anyway.I like its zip,pretty sturdy and decent looking.Oh yes,the price stated for this one was 400..with my sheer skill got it for Rs.230/-

Now,now,now..this Chotu Hannah Montana wallet is what I love most of all..Mirror morrior on the wall who's the cutest of'em all? The Chotu wallet !!! Though the credit card slits are not sized correctly but what do u want for Rs.50/-..It was so cheap I couldn't dare bargain ;P

Coming to Maths now..100+160+230+50=540 :)
4 bags for Rs.540/-
I still cannot come to terms with this..This was the biggest Happy Pocket Shopping of my life.
Stay tuned for more :)

Aditi ..


  1. he he awesome shopping and true to the name of ur blog :-) I love street shopping its so much fun :-):-)

    1. Hey Madhu..thanks..yup even I do love street shopping if the quality isn't much comprimisable :)


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