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Budget Belleza In A New Look

Hey Guys..
How are u all doin'?
After the soothing monsoon showers we are back to rising temperatures and even more rapidly rising humidity..so much so that I begin to believe they were not monsoon but pre-monsoon showers only :(
Anyways..for the past few days I've been thinking of changing the look of my blog,not that I did not like the earlier look..I just found the background too intimidating for me to concentrate on what's written above it...hehehehe..might sound wierd!
So,this is what I created today!
Hope you guys will like it..All Yays and Nays are welcome in the comment box below :)

As of now..I'm wanting these two things desperately!
And did I tell you I'm expecting guests from inlaws' side ???
No I didn't..Yup that's true and its after quite a long time that we will have another family with us
and I'm like Atithi Kab Aaoge these days..Obviously guests would mean alot of things..better seen than written :)
Yup..you got it write! It means I'll cook more,shop more..more sight seeing and eating out and guess what the kids are actually impatient to travel in our super speedy Metro! :)

P.S. Do tell me whether you like this look of my blog or the previous one..I find this one more subtle and content oriented somehow!

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