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My First NOTD : Maybelline Colorama in Nude ; Swatches and Review

Hey Gals...
Though its the tiniest reason to be happy,still I'm happy because its my first NOTD :)
I was always fond of long nails (and it was super easy for me grow my nails long,they have amazing growth). But now I don't seem to like very long nails on me..I'd rather keep them short or medium length,what I have now is pretty much what I like..with this length,I can paint them,do a little nail art and even a French manicure looks good at this length on me :)
So off to the review now:
Today I'm having Maybelline Colorama in Nude on my nails and I'm loving it :)
I bought this as a part of my Mini Summer Haul.

Though I like wearing bright colours and even neon in summers,there are times when I want to wear subtle shades,specially in the scorching heat.
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To satisfy the quench for subtle nudes,I bought this Maybelline Colorama in Nude.

Company Claims:
Glossy, chip resistant nail color in vibrant color.Maybelline Colorama Nail Color offers high-gloss nail color with over 5 days wear without chipping. It combines a visually stunning palette of pigments, pearls and glitters. It’s the ultimate accessory that transforms your look from day to night, fun to funky and classic to daring in a flash.

Price: INR 100/-

Quantity: 8ml

Packaging: Maybelline Colorama in Nude comes in a flat oblong glass bottle with a white cap.As the cap is quite long,it makes the application of the nail paint super convenient.The applicator brush has non-screechy soft bristles which allow smooth application.


Nude is a dirty pink shade with mauve undertones.Had I been appointed as a shade namer (which I so wish I was) I would have named it Rosy Nude. Because its actually not nude thanks to the very obvious pink.Still its a beautiful,soft shade which does not require so much to be wiped off once you change your dress.Yesss!it goes well with many colours :)

My take: Me and my love for nail paints goes back in history.Ever since I remember,I had more than 25 nail paints in my fridge (yes,that's when I was in 8th standard and wearing nail paints in a convent was an absolute NO NO;) Though back in those times I did not have access to branded nail paints..buying a lakme nail polish was an achievement then :) Today I mostly have the branded ones but a roadside glance at a pretty shade of a particular nail paint and I'm completely sold and there's nothing that can stop me from purchasing a certain Miss Beauty,Lovely Lips,Rafa and I dunno what all fancy and funny names ;) After all what's in a name!

Any ways what I'm wearing on my nails today is Maybelline Colorama in Nude .This is my first Colorama nail paint. The glass bottle is tall even though it carries the regular 8ml,I guess its because it has a flatter shape and the cap is long enough.The long cap makes the grip and application very very convenient.I guess this is what I liked most about Maybelline Colorama.The brush/applicator was nice gave smooth swipes.The colour shows up properly in two swipes (one swipe is not opaque enough).The shade Nude is a dirty rosy pink with mauve undertones.It makes my hands look fair,soft and smooth {yes they do..like the neon ones make my hand look like I have just washed utensils of a big fat wedding ;)
The only thing that made me sad was that it started chipping off from the third day of application even when I had applied the top coat on it.So the staying power isn't all that amazing :(

My Likes:
1. The applicator/brush is easy to hold.
2. Beautiful,fresh and soft shade.
3. The bottle consumes less space because of its shape.
4. Did not take huge time in drying (could be because of the top coat).
5. The brush gives nice finish (not screechy at all).
6. Pocket-friendly so collecting different colours would be fun.

My Dislikes:
The staying power isn't that awesome.Started chipping the third day :(

Last Word: I like the shade and formula and for the price we get this,I don't have much to complain.

Repurchase: Though Nude is a beautiful all season shade and I love it,I still would like to buy some other shade from this range (I get bored super easily)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


P.S. In the pics above,I'm wearing two coats of  Maybelline Colorama in Nude with a clear top coat.

Which shade do you have of Maybelline Colorama Nail Paints?


  1. hey looks good!!! try this color with some white dots on it.. it wil look cute!

  2. OMG such a pretty shade! I have a crush on that shade, I think :o I am gonna rob you soon girl ;)
    BTW, sweetie, I am having a lovely giveaway on my blog. I would love it for you to enter :)
    Namita <3

    1. I am so glad u liked it Namita..desperately waiting for the robbery though :)
      Regarding the Give away..count me in sweetheart!U know wat,this wud be my 1st participation evaa..I'm saying this on records :)

  3. i agree its a dirty rose pink but it is luking very beautiful

    1. Could not agree more Vanu..me too love the shade :)

  4. I love the shade, really pretty. But Maybelline Colorama NPs take forever to dry and like you said, start chipping too soon..

    1. Mine dried quickly Pooja..coz I applied the quick dry top coat *smart gal*..hehehehe
      Jokes apart..I too face the same problems like urs.It will become history in a week's time :(

  5. ooooh u have such pretty hands ..n mayb its cuz of that im liking this sophisticated light shade since im mostly into neon coloured NPz...sseing how it suits ur hands will definitely go ahead n buy it :)

    1. Hey there..thanks so much for the compliment. You know wat,I have no loyalties towards any particlar shade ;) from nude to neons I love'em all.Its just that Neons make my hand look super dark :(

  6. The shade is so damn pretty but yes they chip soon. I have few of them & like to seal them with a top coat to make them stay longer :)

    1. Same here Shrilata..I too need a top coat over these :(

  7. very pretty shade..am a new follower here..:)

  8. Thanks so much Sweetheart..I will check it out ryt away :)

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  10. Hi Aditi nice shade! Following your blog. Please subscribe to mine too :)


  11. Thanks Chic :)U can see me there :)

  12. Hey aditi, wow lovely shade n looks pretty on u:)
    ur new follower:) do visit my page n follow if u like

    1. Thanx simran..Somehow can't see u in my followers :(
      Vl surely visit!

  13. Oh pretty colour!!
    Nice blog.


  14. Hey Joke..thanks..I found ur blog pretty too!
    Caught u on google+ as well :)

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